Class Thoughts

PEACE ... In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray for and decree a permanent peace, uniting all the nations of the earth in a lea of justice and righteousness, in which the life, liberty, and love of God shall be paramount.

PRAYER FOR WORLD LEADERS: Through the Christ mind you are unified in thought and purpose for the good of all humanity.

MAR. 20 t APR. 19 APRIL 20t MAY ILLUMINATION (11 a ILLUMINATION (ila. m.): I. claim the true light m.): The light of Spirit dawns

ights everyone who . comes into the understanding ™* and I see clearly. of Truth.

PROSPERITY (12 noon): PROSPERITY (12 noon):

The riches of the Christ mind All “that the Father hath” is

are showered upon me, and ine by divine inherit-

I am abundantly supplied. sor ee ee re he

HEALING (9 P. p: ~ re-

deeming word of Jesus Christ, :

“I am the resurrection, and HEALING (9 > m.): I the life,” now restores me to the living expression of God’s health. idea of perfect man.

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Vol. 46 APRIL, 1947 No. 4 In This Issue

A Message from Silent Unity - - - - - - 2 They Will Be Still—Doris Ruth Peelen - - - - 4 As a Man Thinketh—Martha Smock - - - - - 7 Prayer Circle—Elizabeth Searle Lamb - - - - - 12 Poems: Miracles—R. H. Grenville - tM pay

This Day—Eleanor Lampman - - - = ll

Place of Worship—Beulah Vick Bickley - Center Still, Still with Thee—H. B. Stowe - Back Cover Cover Design—Wallard Elliott Center Photograph—Harold M. Lambert


1. Newness 11. Guidance 21. Prosperity

2. Freedom 12. Human Relations 22. Healing

3. God’s Will 13. Prayer 23. God's Answer 4. Good Friday 14. Today 24. Work

5. Helping Others 15. Praise 25. Faith

6. Easter Sunday 16. Home 26. Tolerance

7. Time 17. Stability 27. Peace

8. Life 18. Adjustment 28. Success

9. Fearlessness 19. Triumphant Spirit 29. Happiness

10. Christ Mind 20. Illumination 30. Opportunity

A Message from Silent Unity

Dear Datty Worn Friends:

We think there is no finer group of persons in all the world than you, our DaiLy Worp readers. We are grateful for the knowledge that, spread out over the face of all the earth there are persons such as you who are incorporating Truth into your daily living. You cannot know, for it is impossible to estimate, the effect you have upon the thought of the whole world. The hope of the world lies with persons with right ideas. It is in that sense that you are the hope of the world. Your letters to us reveal a wonderful spirit and a depth of un- derstanding that is beyond the ordinary.

Everything in DatLy Worp—the lessons, the articles, the poems, the pictures—are for you. They are selected with you in mind; and we are happy when you write to us and tell us that our choice has been a good one, that the things we are guided to include in DatLy Worp are the very things you need in your everyday living.

We are thinking of you, our readers, at this Easter tide. We see you expressing the spirit of the Resurrection. We see you rising to new heights in consciousness. We see you making real overcom- ings. Your triumphs may seem small to you, but who can judge the growth of the soul, who can


ns in iders. pread ‘rSONs ) your ssible ought d lies sense letters of un-

s, the you. ve are at our we are e very

at this of the zhts in ercom- yu, but ho can

know how great is the change wrought by even one understanding thought in the heart ?

If for any reason you are depressed or down- hearted, unhappy or defeated, take this thought:

I am the resurrection and the life. I rise trium- phant out of every trial.

This is one of our favorite prayers in Silent Unity. We know that the I AM in us is the very Spirit of the resurrected Christ.

As you use this affirmation you will find your heart lifted; you will find your mind set free from unhappy thinking. At Easter time the whole world is lifted by the remembrance of one man’s over- coming. It is a time when people everywhere dwell on the triumphant Christ. It is a time of hope and faith and light. There is no better time to make personal overcomings than at this time, for we are buoyed, as it were, by the power that is generated by the resurrecting Spirit of Christ that is renewed in the world of men.

We love you, our DatLy Worp readers, we ap- preciate you, we feel close to you in spirit. We think that it is something of a miracle in itself to have a quarter of a million persons praying daily, studying daily, thinking constructively continually. You are a force for good in the world. You are in fact the resurrecting spirit of Christ in action! Silent Unity.

“They Will Be Still”



a4 OR EVERYTHING there is a season, and a = time for every purpose under heaven .. .

a time to keep silence and a time to


Nothing in all the world is more eloquent in its time than utter silence. Nothing so increases the impression made by any sound as a moment of absolute silence following it. In moments of great emotion, such as fear, sorrow, joy, love, or high admiration, one finds that there is nothing to say. Silence alone comes easy, and silence alone suffices.

Mindful of this, think of God's love for you which has blessed you with a perpetual place in His presence, which has placed you under the care of an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Spirit, which has endowed you with the power to have and to do and to be all that you aspire to have or do or be.

Think of the miracles of His work all about you, His sheltering, protecting, guiding, blessing,


healing, prospering presence ever with you.

Think of the wealth of the written word, un- folding knowledge, or beauty, or mystery, telling of wonders past and present, and promising prog- ress to come.

Think of your power to bless others from the very place where you now are by your silent, om- nipotent affirmation of the Truth for them and about them. The wealth of the kingdom of God

.is yours to have, to use, to give away.

Think of how you live, move, and have your being in the presence of God, your Father, and how all the world is your home because it is your Father’s world.

“Think on these things.”

After a moment of such contemplation, have you anything to say? Or is your heart filled with a deep, quiet, all-encompassing sense of love and gratitude?

This, dear friend, is real silence. It is the “‘sound- less word” of praise that wells up in those who consciously dwell in the Father’s house.

“Blessed are they that dwell in thy house: they will be still praising thee.’ Praising God, “they will be still . . . For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”



Who with rejoicing plows the earth

Or tends some green and growing thing

Is partner to the Lord of life

In the hushed miracle of spring.

Whoever makes a house a home,

Strong-walled, with peace about, above,

Beholds in quiet commonplace

The timeless miracle of love.

Who gathers up the gleaming grain Or draws his harvest from the sea Beholds with simple gratitude

The wonder of sufficiency.

And all who turn to Him in prayer When quiet falls and labors cease Must somehow come to understand The inward miracle of peace.


a. od

As a Man Thinketh


RE YOU perfectly satisfied with your life as A it is? Do you have all the health, happi- ness, and prosperity that you need or de- sire? Surely your answer is no. This negative an- swer may seem to indicate inner dissatisfaction or soul unrest, but paradoxically such a negative answer is a normal, positive one. It would be sad if there were no urge for growth and individual fulfillment, if souls were not stirred by the swiftly moving current of life. Dissatisfaction—not fret- ful discontent—with one’s life and achievement is a sign of inner spiritual aliveness.

One must do more than wish for a happier way of life. On all sides we see persons who desire more from life but who remain disgruntled with their lot and lead embittered, frustrated lives. The difference between them and the person who turns dissatisfaction into a positive, productive at- titude of mind lies in the realization on the part of * the latter that within him he has the power to re- shape his life, to transform his lot. This power is the Spirit of God indwelling, the Christ in man.

When a person comes to the place where he feels that he has reached a “dead end” in his life, the question that he needs to answer is ‘Why is


my life as it is?’ Others may guess as to the rea- sons, they may even be able to offer helpful and constructive suggestions, but the real answer to this question can be found only in the silent secret recesses of the person’s own heart and mind and soul. ‘‘For as he thinketh within himself, so is he.”

If we want a fuller, freer, happier life, we should stop and ask ourself what our attitude toward life is. When we face ourselves in the mirror of Truth we may see false beliefs and anxious attitudes of mind that we have allowed to gain a foothold in our consciousness. But if the mirror of Truth reveals that which needs to be banished, it also reveals to us the image of that perfect self of us which is waiting to find expres- sion through us in the glory of the freedom of Spirit. “Now the Lord is the Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are transformed into the image from glory to glory, even as from the Lord the Spirit.”

If you are in ill-health, if you are in need of more prosperity, if you are unhappy, troubled in mind, if you are in inharmonious circumstances, thank God that you do not have to resign yourself to any such situation because it is His will. It is our will, not God's will, that keeps us from en-


joying the best in life. “Not my will, but thine be done” takes on new meaning when we realize the great truth that God is good and that His will is only good. “Thy will be done” is in reality a prayer for a healthy body, an alert and active mind, a happy heart, and a life filled to the full with blessings.

We have been from the beginning created in God's image and after His likeness. In every man burns the inextinguishable spark of divinity, the Christ Spirit. This is why every man knows him- self to be better than the world knows him to be. And this is the reason for his dissatisfaction with himself and with his mode of living. What every person, whether he is consciously aware of it or not, wants most of all to do is to show forth more of God, to kindle the inner spark to a shining light. In those moments of insight, when we see life not as a brief span but as a whole, we know and feel that we have a destination, a purpose. We cry out from the depths of our soul, “For what have I been born?” The answer, if we listen in the silence, is sure to come, and it will be the voice of the Spirit of God within, saying:

“Behold, my servant whom I have chosen;

My beloved in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my Spirit upon him.”

Your divine purpose is to be God’s beloved


child and to make His Spirit manifest. How. won- derful it is to know that you are beloved of God, that He has chosen you for a divine destiny, that He has put His own Spirit in you!

In your divine nature you are more illumined than your most lofty thoughts, more loving than your most unselfish deeds, wiser than your clearest reasoning, more fearless than your bravest acts. You are in spirit and in truth the kind of person that you long to be. Regardless of how much or how little you have been expressing of your divine nature, you have the possibility of true greatness. You can make the latent potentialities within you manifest realities by realizing that you are always and forever God’s image and likeness and by act- ing upon that realization. Thinking as a child of God, acting as a child of God in even the most trivial affairs of your daily life will have a won- derful and transforming effect upon your mind, your body, your environment, your world.

And through your faithful and loving prayers you can call forth the divinity in others whom you wish to help. You can help them to express God's image and likeness in their mind, body, and affairs by seeing in them the perfection in which they were created. We are all beloved children of God, chosen for a divine destiny, and God has put His own Spirit in us.


Dear Lord, I wish that I might spend this day

With You in prayer; deep in a wooded glade

Or in a silent church where I could kneel

Alone; someplace so still that in the quiet

I should find Your peace within my troubled heart.

But there are things that I must do today—

I cannot go apart—small tasks that must

Be done for those I love to keep them safe

And fed and warm, sun after sun.

Dear Lord, I cannot seek a quiet place

Or find a shrine at which to pray, and yet

I seem to feel Your presence, Lord, today

Beside me as I do each homely task.

Clean plates, fresh clothes upon a line, a child’s

Sweet smile, a song upon a peddler’s lips,

Through these I find Your love; and as I serve

Today Your peace pervades my heart,

Although I have not time to kneel and pray.

The Prayer Circle


AVE YOU EVER stood in a quiet twilight H and thrown a pebble into the still waters of an icy mountain lake? Have you watched as the pebble produced its first circle, then another and another? A prayer should be like that tiny pebble, producing its first reaction in your own soul, in the innermost recesses of your mind and heart, and then gradually widening its effect until it embraces all earth and heaven.

In the stillness of your mind, begin your prayer. Bless your body, let the healing forces flow freely through every cell of it, raising it surely, steadily to perfection. Make no attempt to heal specific ills; rather see the oneness, the wholeness of your body. Be not ashamed of your body. Be proud of it! Let it radiate the glory of its perfection.

Widen the circle of your prayer to include those nearest to you in spirit—family, friends, home, and work. See all filled with joy, see them prospering in the things of earth and the things of heaven. Feel your oneness with those you love who physically are far away. Place them fearlessly and freely in God’s care, knowing them to be guarded, upheld, and divinely led by the same Spirit that leads you into still waters of peace.


ight iters you rcle, 1 be ‘tion your p its

uyer. ‘eely idily cific your

d of

lude nds, hem ings love essly > be same eace.

Bless your home and your work with the har- mony and divine efficiency of Spirit.

Your prayer circle will grow as you include every acquaintance in your blessing, knowing for each that there is only one presence and one power, that each is a perfect expression of the one great God force. Let this harmonizing flow of spirit free your mind from every trace of prejudice, fault- finding, or resentment.

Bless the land where you live. See the great spirit of divine wisdom, justice, and love hovering over it to protect and guide it. Know that those who lead and govern are divinely inspired, that they are strengthened so that they may bear their responsibilities easily, ‘snow that they are guided in making every decisio.\.

Finally the circle of your prayer will widen until it has no consciou: limits. The spirit of the one Mind, God, spread over the whole world. Peace and love are the nly realities. Every in- tolerance must go. There is no room for evil, for untruth, when this great force for good reaches out and out through a prayer begun in a human heart.

The circle of good animated through your prayer does not stop. It can never stop, but reaches on, spreads ever wider, in every direction until it embraces all earth and heaven.


Tuesday APRIL 1




URING THIs exhilarating springtime, when DPD all nature is breathing out her fragrant

loveliness upon me, a freshness of spirit is also filling my soul. The smell of new grass, the greenness of eager buds, and the general atmos- phere of the fullness of things to come, is a chal- lenging invitation to the innate splendor in me. Every day I am becoming more sensitive to the re- newing flow of life that thrills my being through and through, and my step is light and free, for I know that this life is my energy and power. The forgiving love of His presence within me gently blows away all the cobwebs of past mistakes, and the refreshing rains of His abundant mercy washes me clean.

I am glad to be alive! I am glad that God is my Father! I am glad that there are so many who re- veal His presence to me! The joy that wells up from the depths of my being springs forth to greet the joy in all.

- & Thou hast put gladness in my heart—PsALms 4:7.


panes Wednesday


and when we realize that the same Spirit is in

us that was in Him, we are enabled to rise above limitation of any kind. Nothing could en- slave Him or hold Him in bondage, for He knew that the power within Him was greater than any power in the world. When we come into this full realization, limitations will drop away and we shall be conscious of the perfect freedom that Jesus knew.

No person or situation can control you or bind you when you speak the word of Truth with the authority that comes from your realization of your Christ dominion and mastery. Fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, false desire, and all limiting beliefs will disappear when you assert your divine authority. When you are no longer in bondage to limiting beliefs, you will no longer be in bondage to limiting conditions and you will be conscious of your final freedom in Spirit.

J ESUS CHRIST showed us the path of freedom,

© For freedom did Christ set us free: stand fast there- fore.—GAL. 5:1.





ANY PERSONS hesitate to ask that God's N / | will be done in their life, because they are not quite sure but that God's will includes suffering or misfortune of some kind. Nothing however could be further from the truth, for God's will is good will. God's will for us is absolute freedom from every limitation. It is our divine birthright to be happy, healthy, and abun- dantly supplied with all good things, but we must accept this good, and not resist it by willfully holding onto thoughts of unkindness and limi- tation.

Jesus said, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom,” and on another occasion, “Tt is not the will of your Father . . . that one of these little ones should perish.” In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus prayed that God’s will be done in His life, and the result was glorious resurrec- tion from all sense of limitation.

Christ reveals the nature of God's will toward His people, and Christ is the very incarnation of everything that is beautiful, helpful, and kind.

@ He will heal us... he will bind us up... . he will raise us up.—HoOs. 6:1, 2.



one rec-


1 of


APRIL 4 Friday


Tis Is Good Friday, and to many people

it is a day of sadness because they remember

the crucifixion of Jesus. In Truth however the thought of the Crucifixion holds no feeling of depression, for it was only the prelude to His res- urrection.

He died, but He rose again! Keep this thought uppermost in your mind today. Keep your heart joyous in the realization that through His trium- phant Spirit within you you too can meet every experience serenely and courageously and over- come all obstacles. Jesus was the Way-Shower, and when you can follow His example and say, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit,” you free yourself from suffering and open the way for spiritual rebirth.

Make this day then a day of gladness, a day of spiritual strength and faith. Keep your vision fixed steadily on the overcoming power of the Christ and let His Spirit radiate through you to bless and uplift all whom you contact.

© | am the resurrection, and the life-—JOHN 11:25.


Saturday anne


OW SHALL I help another person? How H shall I pray for him ? We help another person most by be-

holding the Christ in him, that is, by beholding a spiritual perfection in him in spite of appearances. If he needs healing, mental or physical, we behold the Christ in him by knowing that the very spirit of life and peace and wholeness is in him. We do not think of his case as hopeless, we do not think of him as being bound by heredity. We think of him as a spiritual being, created perfect. We hold to this vision of perfection regardless of the con- ditions that seem to exist in his body or mind. Our true thought about him is more of a blessing than we can possibly know, for it is a thought of strength in the midst of weakness, it is a thought of life in the face of unbelief.

If you desire to help someone through prayer, keep faith with the Christ in him by beholding in him the perfection in which he was created. When- ever you think of him say to him in the silence of your mind: “I behold the Christ in you.”

© The mystery which hath been hid for ages and gen- erations ... Christ in you—Cov. 1:26, 27.



Easter Sunday


the Lord is bursting forth from my overflow-

ing heart, and every cell and atom of my be- ing is singing His praises. The resurrected pres- ence of Jesus Christ, His life, His love, His peace, permeate my entire being. In my life, within and without, is thrilling evidence of His renew ing, re- vitalizing, transfiguring activity.

Through the resurrected Christ Spirit in the midst of me I step forth from the tomb of limited thinking and living into the boundless realization that I am free Spirit. The resplendent light of His presence illuminates my mind with wisdom, electri- fies my body with life, and floods my soul with peace. In this resurrected realization of my oneness with Christ, I pass unharmed through the closed doors of adverse conditions, healing as I go, and with Him at Emmaus I break the bread of my tran- scendent joy, life, and love and generously give to all.

] NFINITE JOy is mine today! The healing joy of

© Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of Jehovah is risen upon thee.—IsA. 60:1.


Monday iia


OST OF US could learn to make more ad-

| \ / | vantageous use of our time. We some-

times find ourselves tense and worried

because we seem unable to accomplish the neces- sary things in the allotted time.

One way to begin to make the best use of our time is to do the things we need to do at the time they need to be done. If we are not in the habit of promptly attending to our tasks, we should consciously work to acquire this habit. When we are tempted to put off doing something that should be done, if we will not let ourselves pro- crastinate, we shall have a feeling of self-approval that makes all things easier, we shall find that by doing all things in order we have more time for the things we enjoy.

If we make promptness a habitual characteristic, our daily life will begin to take on a pattern of order and rightness, success will attend our en- deavors, and we shall have peace of mind and pleasure in living.

© For everything there is a season —ECCLEs. 3:1.






WELL TODAY in the consciousness of the 1D. presence of God’s life in your body. Feel this divine current flowing through every nerve and cell in your body, strengthening you and restoring you to wholeness in every part. Re- lease every thought of fear and tension and anx- iety and relax completely in mind and body. Look away from any appearance of imperfection and claim your divine birthright of perfection.

Your mind and body will respond quickly to words of life spoken in faith and assurance, and mental and physical inharmonies will disappear. Take time each day to affirm your oneness with God’s life and energy. After you have spoken the word, become still and let the realization of His strength and vitality permeate every part of your being. Feel His life soothing every inharmony and quickening you into renewed and radiant health. As you keep your thoughts centered on life all ills will disappear and you will be restored.

© For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heat thee of thy wounds, saith Jehovah-—]JER. 30:17.


Wednesday esis


me a spirit that is equal to all things. When I feel like falling back in fear, the Spirit of God in me inspires me to go forward in faith.

I am not afraid of other persons, for I know that they have within them the Spirit of God, and where God is there is nothing to fear. I look upon my association with other persons as an op- portunity to learn more of God, for the created reveals the creator. I know that to learn to love other persons, to learn to get along with them, to learn to understand them is the way to overcome any fear of them.

I am not afraid of the new, for I know that God is in every situation, in every place. He is present in the unfamiliar as well as the familiar. Wherever I go God goes with me. Wherever I find myself God is already before me in that place.

I am not afraid, for God is my help in every need.

| AM NOT afraid, for I know that I have within

Jehovah is on my side; I will not fear: What can man do unto me? —PSALMS 118:6.




Thursda HY


66 ET THIS mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”

What an invitation is offered to man in these words! What tremendous significance there is in the word “‘let.”

How do we let this mind which was in Christ Jesus be in us? By recognizing that it is already within us; by coming into agreement with it in thought. We let this mind be in us every time we think life, love, harmony, joy, peace, or any of the perfect ideas in God-Mind.

We do not need to strain in our effort to be per- fect. We can know that the same mind that was in Christ Jesus is in us and that our desire to be more perfect is the urge of this mind to express itself through us.

Let this same mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus. Joyously think about the ideas in God- Mind. Lovingly rest in the consciousness that this mind which was in Christ Jesus is now functioning

freely through you.

© Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus —PHIL, 2:5 (A. V.).


Per of Vow


When passing round a mountainside I saw a snowy dogwood tree.

My breath came quick; my lips were mute ;

I worshiped in humility.

As one forspent I worshiped there The God I could but dimly see;

His presence seemed so very fair, In perfect beauty blessing me.

Unuttered prayers escaped my heart, Enriched my thought, and set me free. My being was enraptured by

The dogwood’s quiet simplicity.

Friday APRIL 11


HE SPiriT of God in me leads me ever for- | ward and into the places and circumstances that satisfy my desires and fulfill my needs.

I am in no way bound to the past. I let go of all ideas that restrict my free expression and retard my soul growth. No matter what my early train- ing has been, if it does not permit free, loving, constructive expression, I let it go. I accept but one authority, the Spirit of God in me.

I have no fear of the future. No matter what the circumstances of my life are at the present moment, if they are not satisfying and fulfilling, there is a way of thought and action that will bring about change in me and in my life. The Spirit of God in me reveals this way.

The Spirit of God in me—the spirit of love, of wisdom, of courage—inspires my mind, lifts my heart, and guides my way.

It is in the Spirit of God within me that I place my faith.

Blessed is the man that heareth me, Watching daily at my gates. —Prov. 8:34.






E CAN measure our spiritual progress \ " / by our reactions to relatively small mat- ters.

We may think that we understand divine love, but we are far from understanding it perfectly if we “fly off the handle” when something goes wrong, if we criticize other persons, if we are irritable or cross at home or in the office.

If we find ourselves giving way to unlovely feelings, if we find ourselves speaking unlovely words, it is a certainty that we need to learn more about love.

We can learn to control our feelings not through our will but through love. When we are tempted to lose our temper we can regain peace in heart and mind by quickly turning our thought to love. If we feel angry with another person we can si- lently say to him, “I love you.” We may resist such a procedure and tell ourselves that this is weakness or foolishness, but the proof of its value is in the feeling we have when we are at peace and loving in our heart as compared with the feel- ing we have when our temper takes over.

© Ye shall abide in my love.—JOHN 15:10.





good comes unto me. In deep faith, believ- ing, I realize my good in the very act of prayer.

I cannot pray to my Father with doubt in my heart, nor with fear, for in the very act of prayer, in close communion with Him, all doubts are removed, all fears dissipated. The table of my heart is set to receive His bounty. My cup is up- turned to receive His overbrimming goodness.

If there is a question in my mind, in the mind of God is the answer. If there is a need in my heart, in the heart of God is my good. God is the answer to all my prayers. I have only to ask in faith to receive my right answers, to open the way for my good to come to me.

In the deeps of me I know that God will supply my good, that even as the lily turns its chalice toward the refreshing rain so I can turn my heart and life toward God and receive my good.

I TURN TO my Father in prayer, and all that is

© What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.—Mark 11:24 (A. V.).





nind 1 my rd is sk in way

ipply alice heart

elieve MARK

APRIL 14 Monday


E CAN BE happy in following the routine

\ " / of our daily living if we think of our-

selves as doing everything as unto the Lord. When we consciously do anything as unto the Lord, we think of it differently, we think of ourselves differently, and a new spirit fills us.

For instance, if we feel resentful toward our employer, we can begin to work as unto the Lord, and our resentment will disappear, our work will be pleasanter for us, and our relations with our em- ployer will be improved.

Whatever we do with good grace we do unto the Lord. Whatever we do that helps make life more pleasant we do unto the Lord.

When we are loving in our heart we are loving unto the Lord. When we are joyous and at peace in ourselves we are singing praises unto the Lord.

Today can be one of the happiest, freest days you have ever spent, even though it may seem un- eventful, if you make it eventful in your heart by doing all as unto the Lord.

© He... regardeth the day... unto the Lord—Rom. 14:6.


Tuesday APRIL 15


SPIRIT OF praise is most important to A happy living. Logically our praise should

begin with praise for God, our creator, for we cannot truly praise God’s creation without praising Him as the Creator.

Paradoxically, we find it difficult to praise either God or man if we cannot praise and appre- ciate ourselves. The persons who are the most generous in their feelings toward others are those who have developed self-confidence and an appre- ciation of their own abilities. Those who truly praise God are those who have found Him in their own heart, who feel the wonder of His presence, who feel the wonder of themselves as created in His image and after His likeness.

When we understand and appreciate ourselves as children of God we are more sensitive to the glory of God that surrounds us. We see all per- sons as children of God. We look on them with appreciation and understanding. We surround our family, our friends, our associates with a feeling of well-being, engendered by our spirit of praise.

@ The living, the living, he shall praise thee.—Isa. 38:19.


- to yuld itor, 10ut

raise pre- nost hose »pre- truly their ence,

-d in

elves > the

per- with d our eling raise.


ss aene Wednesday


REAL HOME is created not out of stone or A wood or brick but out of such intangibles as love and faith and peace. Its beauty does not depend on design or decoration but on the spirit